4 Steps To Connect Your Computer To The Web With Home Internet Service

20 April 2023
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Residential internet allows people to stay connected to the world wide web, even when they're at home. Home internet service providers offer a variety of residential internet packages to cater to each user‘s needs. These four steps can get your home computer connected to the internet as soon as possible: 1. Find out which internet services are available in your area. Internet services are provided to customers using wireless radio frequency waves or fiber optic cables. Read More 

Protect Your Network With These 7 TACACS Best Practices

4 January 2023
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TACACS (Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System) is a network protocol that provides centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting services for network devices. By setting up a TACACS server, network administrators can control access to network resources and track user activity on the network.  While TACACS can be a valuable tool for securing a network, it's essential to follow best practices to maximize security and minimize the risk of unauthorized access. Here are seven tips for using TACACS in a way that maximizes security. Read More